Bidding Process - is very straightforward:
  1. Requirements: We ask for your best bids on a designated form along with a statement endorsed by a third party (bank or attorney) confirming available funds to support your bid.

  2. Timetable: We ask that you email (or courier) your bid to us on the appropriate completed forms by the 22nd March 2021. All bids will be opened and the highest ten bids will be invited to an "in person" (Zoom) auction with a professional auctioneer on the 24th March 2021.
    Once the winning bid is identified the successful party will be invited to sign the Purchase Agreement, with payment in full 10 calendar days thereafter.

  3. Domain Transfer/Control: Upon confirmation of receipt of the funds by the successful Bidder's attorney or the Escrow Agent for "" - Greenberg & Lieberman will provide the Transfer AUTH Code and/or the Registrar Account login information for transferring the domain to a Registrar of the Bidders choice and away from the control of the Seller.
    The seller will only receive the funds once the domain control/transfer information has been provided.
Once is under the control of the buyer, they may use the domain to reach their global customers and audience.

For more information:

Contact / 详情咨询 :

The successful broker will be paid 5% commission upon completed sale.

Legal and Escrow services are being exclusively handled by:
Legal:       Escrow Agent: Greenberg & Lieberman

The Small Print: Valid sealed bids must ONLY be submitted on the Sealed Bid Form available from the links above and sent by email to or by mail/courier to Greenberg & Lieberman LLC, 1775 Eye St NW, Suite 1150, Washington DC 20006, USA.