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Google App Play Store to Launch in China

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Czarina Malleta – Fourth Estate Cooperative Reporter

Beijing, China (4E) – According to a report from The Information, Google Play has high hopes to launch a version of its app store in China.

Looks like China will be more accessible social media wise as Google Play plans to extend their app store in the country. This should allow Google to reach out to users in China which would fill about half the demand for their Android mobile operating system.

In a report, the California-based giant is trying to gather its resources to be able to distribute their app store to phone manufacturers as well as infiltrate potential customers in China. To be able to launch the Google App Store in China would be a “remarkable turn of events” even though there is tension between the government and the company.

Back in 2010, Google left China because of multiple hacking attempts. The company also indicated a possible intellectual property and censorship loss when it dropped from the Chinese market. As of the moment some Google services are still blocked in China.

However, the report also cited that the certainty of the plan is unclear. The government still has to decide whether or not they will welcome this new service. Google has reportedly reached out to Chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE .