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Is it time your business went .GREEN?

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Care about the green economy, and the future of the planet? If you do, and you want to promote greener lifestyles and business choices for all, then .GREEN is the domain for you!

Launched in the Spring by the DotGreen Community Inc. in partnership with Afilias, .GREEN aims to ‘to spread awareness and boost the green economy for a more sustainable world’. For businesses and organizations, a .GREEN domain ‘indicates commitments to sustainability, environmentally friendly alternatives, healthier lifestyles for people and the planet, and socially responsible businesses’.
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Business opportunity

Going .GREEN is also a business opportunity. According to DotGreen, private sustainability investments have grown to an estimated $6.2 trillion. And a Google search for the word ‘green’ returns some 13 billion results! And according to Nielsen, consumers are happy to pay for sustainability. In a June 2014 survey they found that 55% of global online consumers across 60 countries say they are willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact.

In order to get a .GREEN domain, you just have to want to take steps to a sustainable, green future. Whether that means recycling, encouraging cycle-to-work schemes, or spreading the word about sustainability online, you just have to want to go .GREEN!

Funding sustainability

And if you sign up for a .GREEN domain, you’ll be helping to fund sustainable initiatives all over the world. The DotGreen Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit will be funded, in part, through revenues from the sales and renewals of .GREEN names, and will make contributions to programs and projects aimed at sustainability, education, and conservation around the world through a unique partnership with EarthShare, one of the world’s leading environmental organizations.

If you want to do your bit, or just demonstrate to the world that your business is committed to sustainability, register for a .GREEN domain today!