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Major banks pile into the .BRAND domain space

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Two of the world’s biggest banks, Barclays and BNP Paribas have made the jump from .COM to their own .BRAND TLDs.

Visitors to the .FR and .NET domains of BNP Paribas are now directed to a landing page that informs them that is the company’s new domain.

Barclays have launched two .BRAND TLDs – .BARCLAYS and .BARCLAYCARD. Visitors to are automatically redirected to, while at present visitors to are not redirected; however, is live and functional.

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Barclays explained the launch as being about consumer trust and engagement. Troels Oerting, Barclays Group CIO, said: “The launch of the .barclays and .barclaycard domain names creates a simplified online user experience, making it crystal clear to our customers that they are engaging with a genuine Barclays site. This clarity, along with the advantages of controlling our own online environment, enables us to provide an even more secure service.”

Much like with .LGBT or .ORGANIC, the Barclays .BRAND TLDs let consumers know that what they’re getting is the ‘real deal’.

While the Barclays TLDs are being phased in gradually across its web properties, BNP Paribas has migrated all of its services for domestic users to its .BNPPARIBAS domain. Anglophone users are still directed to

BNP Paribas is the fourth largest bank in the world, and Barclays is the tenth largest. When titans like this are making the switch to new gTLDs, it’s proof positive that the new gTLD space is hotting up.

Other sites that have made the switch include the official website of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which has migrated from to Viennese institution Cafe Savoy has also begun the move to a local TLD, duplicating its website at on

Other companies have embraced new gTLDs as a way of creating shorter, snappier, better domain names. Law firm Rudinski, Orso and Lynch moved from the cumbersome to the much more memorable and search engine-friendly Williamsport.Lawyer.

With so many companies making the switch, what are you waiting for? Get your very own gTLD today!

Main image: Alan Cleaver