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Mobile web dominant over apps in retail

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In an interview with eMarketer, Sonia Nagar, RetailMeNot’s senior director of mobile product strategy, makes the interesting point that for retailers, the mobile web is where most transactions take place – with apps trailing behind.

According to Nagar, the reason for the mobile web’s dominance is ‘to do with discovery’.

‘A lot of shoppers will still go to Google when they are figuring out where to shop. As a result, we see strong traffic coming through the mobile web.’

Apps come into play when people are in-store, but the mobile web is, generally, more popular with shoppers.

To that end, she cautions that businesses with limited resources ‘forego an app and focus on the mobile web’.

So, while apps might get all the press, if you really want to succeed in mobile ecommerce, optimising your ecommerce site for mobile might be a better investment than a dedicated app.

Read the full interview over on eMarketer.


Image: Gabriele Diwald