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10 of the best news apps for iPhone and Android

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Even if you’re out and about, you never need to be out of touch. A wide variety of apps exist to keep you up to date on breaking news and the latest headlines. As long as you have your iPhone or Android device with you, you’re all set. Let’s take a look at the 10 best news apps to keep you in the loop.

circa news appCirca News

One of the main attractions of Circa News is a feature called the Wire. This feature, which is updated throughout the day, contains a brief summary of the day’s top headlines and links to various stories you’ve chosen to follow. Users can also personalize their breaking news alerts so that they only receive notifications on certain topics.

Visit Circa News website, or get it for iPhone/iPad here and for Android here.






ap news appAP Mobile

For the very latest in breaking news, there’s probably no better source than the Associated Press. The AP Mobile app refreshes on a constant basis, and the list of rolled-out stories are presented in a stripped-down fashion for quick browsing. It’s not the most stylish or visual of the news apps, but it’s great for fast-breaking stories.

Visit AP News website or get it for iPhone/iPad here and for Android here.





flipboard appFlipboard

Perhaps the most stylish of the news apps, Flipboard looks great on your phone and even better on your tablet. Its attractive interface presents news content that includes video, and it also integrates information from social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter.

Visit Flipboard website or get it for iPhone/iPad here and for Android here.



zite news appZite

Zite calls itself the “smart magazine”, and it has a good reason to do so: The app becomes smarter the more you use it, tailoring its recommendations based on your news-reading habits. Although it originally debuted as a news app for iPhone, Zite is now available as an Android news app as well. If you only read a few publications, Zite is an easy way to explore new content. Zite has recently been acquired by Flipboard so these two apps may be merged in the future.

Visit Zite website or get it for iPhone/iPad here and for Android here.






Pocket app

If you’ve ever stumbled across an article that you’d like to save for later, Pocket is the perfect app for the job. When you save an article to Pocket, the app downloads it to your various devices; when you find yourself with a bit of free time, you can fire up Pocket and dig into your handpicked reading list. Pocket strips down each story for a minimalist, elegant look, but you can also read the article in its original web format if you want.

Visit Pocket website, or get it for iPhone/iPad here and for Android here.


pulse news appPulse

Pulse bears some similarities to Flipboard, aggregating content from a wide variety of news outlets based on your chosen list of preferred topics. Owned by LinkedIn, Pulse can be customized by selecting from hundreds of trusted sources including LinkedIn Influencers. There’s a lot of information to digest within Pulse, but the sleek design keeps the app from feeling cluttered.

Visit Pulse website or get it for iPhone/iPad here and for Android here.



Yahoo News Digest

This app operates more like a traditional print newspaper: stories are updated twice a day, with a morning and afternoon edition. Users get the top 10 stories delivered with each update, and stories are usually about two paragraphs long. Unlike many apps that allow users to personalize their news feeds, Yahoo News Digest is tightly curated. It’s not trying to predict what stories might interest you, it’s delivering the news you need to know. The stories are chosen both algorithmically and by human editors, and you get a notification when your digest is ready.

yahoo news app

Visit Yahoo News Digest website or get it for iPhone/iPad here and for Android here


paper news from facebook appPaper – Stories from Facebook

If you want to get to the best stories on Facebook without having to sort through the clutter of your News Feed, try Paper. You can customize Paper to focus on your favorite topics, and you can post to Facebook from the app. One downside of Paper is that it’s only available as a news app for iPhone, and no release date has been announced for other platforms like iPad and Android.

Get it for iPhone here.




feedly appFeedly

Feedly is an RSS app that picks up where the now-defunct Google Reader left off. It’s not an app for RSS newcomers, because it assumes you already have experience with RSS feeds. Feedly doesn’t recommend or suggest articles, and it leaves the task of finding appropriate feeds up to you. However, if you’re accustomed to managing lists of feeds and need to find a way to wade through all the information, you’ll appreciate Feedly’s power.

Visit Feedly online or get it for iPhone/iPad here and for Android here.





smart news appSmartNews

SmartNews made its debut in Japan, where it quickly became one of the top five news apps in the App Store and Google Play. The app analyzes data from social media to determine which articles and topics are trending. Users can sync their Twitter accounts with SmartNews to customize their feed based on their favorite topics. SmartNews even boasts a feature called SmartView: This low-bandwidth functionality allows users to use the app even when they have poor service.

Get it for iPhone/iPad here and for Android here.


Main image: Ines Njers