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Mobile Browser Traffic Report – Q2 2015

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Have we hit peak tablet? This is just one of the questions discussed in the latest DeviceAtlas mobile traffic report. This report has a special section focussing on tablets, followed by a mobile phone web traffic report.

Some interesting findings this time:

  • Although Android tablets are outselling iOS, iOS tablets generate more web traffic
  • Android generates more smartphone traffic than iOS in most countries
  • Safari is the most popular tablet browser, followed by Android Browser, Chrome Mobile, Amazon’s Silk browser
  • 5+ inch screens are now more popular than 3.5 inch and smaller in most countries

A taste of what awaits you in the report:

While tablets come with native browsers provided by the manufacturers, users can download third-party browsers that are tablet-optimized, for example Opera or UC Browser. Third-party browsers are particularly popular among data-sensitive customers given that they provide transcoding that can reduce the amount of content downloaded.

Most popular tablet browsers in DeviceAtlas statistics include Safari, Android Browser and Chrome Mobile. We also notice some traffic generated by Firefox, Amazon Silk, IE, UC Browser, Opera Mobile, and Blackberry Browser. Here you can learn about the popularity of the top 4 tablet browsers

Most popular tablet browsers

Get the full report here: