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Mobile operating systems – Country by country statistics

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Over on their blog recently, DeviceAtlas published some interesting usage statistics on mobile operating systems around the world in 2014. This data is useful because it’s based on mobile web traffic across a range of different countries, rather than on shipments of devices with different operating systems. While shipment numbers are undoubtedly interesting, they don’t always reflect actual usage on the ground. And for mobile marketers, webmasters and app builders, knowing what operating systems people are actually using is more useful than knowing how many of a particular device shipped in any given quarter. Looking at the DeviceAtlas statistics, it’s immediately obvious that the global market is completely dominated by iOS and Android. In fact, Android ranks either first or second in all of the 76 countries covered by DeviceAtlas, while iOS falls outside the top two in only five countries, including Nigeria, South Africa, Vietnam, Iran and Kenya. Blackberry and Microsoft lag far behind almost everywhere, though there are some countries where these operating systems remain popular.

1. iOS vs Android

The battle for supremacy between these two goes on in nearly every corner of the globe. The following charts compare iOS and Android use in 10 selected local markets. Android’s total predominance in Germany, Spain and Italy; but not in France or the UK, is interesting.



2. Windows Phone popular in some countries

While Anroid and iOS generally dominate, there are some places where Windows Phone is a popular choice.


3. Blackberry OS clings on in a handful of markets

Blackberry OS has visibility in only a handful of markets – most notably South Africa and Nigeria.


Main Image: George Thomas