Thank you for your interest in the domain "".

    As at March 22, 2021; In total:

    • 9 statements of interest were received in excess of the $35M trigger price and following conversations with all valid bidders, the format of the auction (as outlined on our website) was problematic for their corporate governance processes.
    • 7 bids were either invalid (ie no evidence of sufficient funds) or below the minimum trigger price.
    • Informal feedback from other potential corporate bidders was that the time-frame for the auction process was too short for their (normally 6 months) budget cycle and Board approval; suggesting pushing the closing date would help them justify participation, including substantial offers for the valuable name.
    • Server statistics from Feb 1 to March 22:
        An unknown percentage were crawlers;
      • 747,948,760 valid requests for webpage "";
      • Average of 193,208 unique page views per day;
      • Visitor Operating systems: Android 26.78%; Windows 22.72%; Linux 10.70%; iOS 9.23%; Macintosh 1.94%; Others 1.93%; Unknown 26.62%.
      • Visitor location: North America 32.10%; Europe 27.63%; Asia 19.36%; Africa 12.79%; South America 7.44%; Oceania 0.47%; Unknown 0.13%.

    The Seller has agreed to suspend the auction process and we are currently engaged in conversations with all highly motivated parties to determine the new owner of

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    If you have any specific questions please email:

(for transparency) Legacy Bidding Forms:

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The successful broker will be paid 5% commission upon completed sale.

Legal and Escrow services are being exclusively handled by:
Legal:       Escrow Agent: Greenberg & Lieberman