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Designing for performance: free book!

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Building your website for performance has always been important, but it has become acutely so with the migration of web users to mobile-devices and their oft-patchy cell networks. Poor cell connections equate to slow download speeds, which in turn means slow loading webpages; unless you design your webpages with performance in mind.

Designing for performance: mobile traffic

We’ve given plenty of tips for web page performance and mobile-friendliness on this website before. Continuing with this theme, we think you might be interested in the book Designing for Performance by Lara Callender Hogan, which is freely available to read online.

It covers a wide range of topics that impact the performance of a website, including practical and accessible things such as image compression, to perhaps less well-known and less obvious topics such as perceived performance and page yank, and it provides plenty of practical advice on how to handle these things.

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